No more beaming!

Darkscape: The Rebel Lord - R. Garland Gray

Isn't it funny…how it took me nearly 2 days to read a 200 page book, yet I finished a nearly 500 page book in less than a day?


So ok, this is set a good millennium into the future, where Earth has been destroyed by a comet, Mars is now populated, and so are a lot of other space rocks. Oh, and the highland clans have become rather…clannish. Emm…yeah. Eh, I'll run with it.

So the H/h, unbeknownst to each other, are betrothed. They're also apparently on opposite sides of the war…sort of. The h, increasingly disturbed by the captain's sanity, or lack thereof, has joined a rebellion - more of a mutiny in planning. The H is captured by the captain because… well, the captain had a "thing" for the H's mother. Much intrigue, fighting, and other things occur before the captain is finally killed, the H/h married, and the end of the book is reached.


It kept my attention.


One little issue I did have - the H has a half brother (by the captain. Like I said before…). The H does not know this, though his second in command does. His second raised the kid you see… Now, why this is an issue? Well, the h went to the academy with said half brother and errr… well… she was ah… (shoulders slump) she had sex with him. Yeah. I don't *think* she ever told the H who she was deflowered by, but since his half brother recognized her while she was ahhh… turned into some sort of automaton (odd, and long story), he had his suspicions.


A bit of amusement - some slightly mad scientist used a transporter to bring the H back to life - make a new copy and fix the damage while you're at it. H was not amused. (I was though.)