In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks

Huh. Well. This was a pleasant surprise.


So the h, of royal blood even if on the wrong side of the blanket, is hidden in a convent. And… she's located by a power-mad psycho (slight digression, don't like it when bad guys are psychotic) who kidnaps her and attempts to force her to marry him. Someone aids her escape (along with a little boy she'd picked up after being kidnapped), and eventually she and the boy are found by the boy's uncle.


Of course the H - the boy's father - is told who she is after someone notes a brand on her leg. The H coerces her into marriage (of course), much intrigue ensues as someone makes several attempts on her life - apparently. Eventually they figure out the who.


So…issues. Time period. I'd have to look up Scotland's history but I'm guessing medieval. In any case, things like oh… furs covering windows (no tapestries?), and apparently bare floors (no rushes?) were a bit…disconcerting. Also, no mention of tartans anywhere so… if it were earlier than medieval then certainly there would be no sparkling floors in the great hall.