The Braddock Boys: Colton (Braddock Boys, #4) - Kimberly Raye

Ok, I said I'd do a series overview so here goes:


The weak areas of any potential series are - world building, and character individuality.


An author has to keep the details straight for a believable series, particularly a paranormal. Here, we're confronted with…some heroes being able to read and influence the h, yet others can't. So is that a sign or not? If not, then why even bother? Weaknesses. Stake through the heart was apparently the only way to kill one in the first book, though sunlight burns. Two books later, sunlight is deadly and they can't go out in it. A few books later and it's back to being a painful inconvenience, oh, and silver now apparently causes discomfort. Some heroes form a connection after a kiss. Others can't unless they've actually done the deed and fed from the h. Then there's the vampire who disintegrated upon staking in the last book, yet a couple in a previous book were removed from a room *before* they disintegrated. For that matter, that particular couple, the man had turned the woman, and he was staked, so why didn't she suddenly become human?


Character individuality seems a given on the surface - 'til you realize that no matter what the heroine's past is, she's not been with very many men (three seemed to be the go-to number), and none of them have been very good at it. Yet, in spite of this apparent lack of use, the hero's 10" (always 10" - a requirement for vampires?) seems to fit just fine. Oh, and she holds back because she's…afraid to lose control. The H on the other hand, embraces his inner manho, to the point that even when he's formed a connection, he's still trolling for chicks.


Now, while I'll forgive the occasional name forgetfulness seen in a few very long-running series, I have a hard time with forgetfulness in a series a mere 7 books long (and short books at that). It's not that hard to remember what store is owned by who (or to make a note of it), or that a given previous heroine has been turned.


As for this book, I would really like to know how any of them knew that Rose had betrayed the family. For all they knew, she could have been kidnapped. Yet, they're setting up a trap, and the H has matching stakes carved for his traitorous wife and himself (for bringing her into the family). Huh, considering they're all compelled to return to their place of turning, why didn't they get Garret to show them where and just wait for her there?