The Braddock Boys: Cody - Kimberly Raye

I would like to say I am totally over the heroine who has only had sexual encounters with 3 men, all of whom apparently were incapable of finding a single erogenous zone. At some point, it occurs to me that in this podunk town, if all the men were that incompetent, the population would be zero. Thus, it has to be that the women all have some hangup somewhere that keep them from, oh I dunno… experiencing even a little bit of interest. That being the case, it seems to me that they wouldn't know an orgasm if it bit them in the ass. Easy pickings for a vampire who feeds off sexual pleasure.


It's kinda…yeah. How about a heroine who has had a good relationship in the past, huh?

Cody…is essentially a hothead. Not a very bright hothead either, since he's a bull rider and has been a bull rider for 15 years, yet hasn't aged a day. Emmm… right. And he's suddenly concerned because a reporter noticed? If dummy had bothered to look in a mirror once in a while, he would have realized that he needed to find a new hobby *before* the encounter.


As for the h, well. I guess having a mom with loose morals is an issue, as is having two half sisters with the same problem. But, she could have moved. She admitted as much. Also admitted the only reason she didn't was because she had two sisters living nearby (that she avoided like the plague). Yah. Ok. So far this series has pretty much illustrated why I would not want to live in a town small enough that everyone knew everyone. There's some comfort in anonymity. A previous heroine's inability to gain male attention because they still saw her as a tomboy (when she's wearing mini skirts, stilettos and tank tops? What?!), now this.