A Body To Die For - Kimberly Raye

Hmmm… I think… my impression of the series will be with the last book. Let's just say there are inconsistencies in the world building.


Ok, so we shall call the three heroes met so far, Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberer. I'll let you figure out which gets which title.


So you're some 18th century freedom fighter, and you wake up a vampire. You go to visit your girlfriend who immediately breaks up with you because…she's a vampire too and "it doesn't work like that". Uh Huh. 200 years later, she shows up and you're still looking to find the vampire who sired you. What - were vampires so thick on the ground that a 1-horse town in the territory that would someday be known as Texas would have more than say…1? And he acted so surprised near the end when he bonded with her (by biting her) and had sudden access to her memories. -->face palm


So our h - a vampire and also his sire - has, over the centuries, turned a number of people who were essentially dying, and also a couple who were part of a group of human slaves she freed in Mexico. They're stalking her with the intent of killing her because they want their humanity back (never mind that they pressured her to turn them in the first place). She's only ever had a good time with the H, so she's decided to a) stop running from them, and b) hunt him down for one last round of woohoo. He's not exactly cooperative, mostly because he doesn't trust her (and suspects she used her vampire wiles to get him in the sack in the first place). Eventually, he gives in - sort of - and does the whole impersonal thing. She hunts him down afterwards, more woohoo occurs, he bites her and… later comes to her rescue when the goons catch up. They finally stop with the self-sacrifice bs (he was going to meed the sunrise, she asked his buddies to stake her), HEA.


So ok, I get that she was scared to tell him (or risk him biting her). What I don't get is why it took him biting her 200 years later to figure out whodunit.