…or just drop dead...

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Kimberly Raye

When last we saw Dillon, the town geek had just gotten himself turned into a vampire by virtue of getting in the middle of something he shouldn't. Now, the new and improved Dillon, deep down, is convinced he's still a geek. Well, maybe. More importantly, he's a real zero. See, he's determined to prove his manliness by out-boinking the last town lothario. So far, he's only a single individual female short of the record of 300 women. Only, the previous guy took a lifetime; he's taken 2 months. He breaks the record - with the boinking of the h. Yeah; man-ho = zero.


It gets worse. The h is his best friend. The h has been celibate for some time because it bothered her that her only 3 encounters, she was the aggressor. The "H" can read her. The "H" is aware of that. The "H" essentially teases her until she jumps him, thus essentially playing upon her issues. The "H" bolts from her bed before the mattress has stopped shaking. The "H" wonders why she goes out with someone else the next night.


*I* wonder why she didn't trash his reputation in revenge. I would have. He would have overheard with his super vampire hearing, women gossiping that they'd heard he had the Clap.


And he wondered why she was reluctant to admit she loved him. Asshat.