Dead Sexy - Kimberly Raye

Ok, now let me get this straight. The vampires in this world are compelled to annually return to the spot of their original turn and go through it again? That is so messed up. OTOH, killing one's sire restores one's humanity.


So the H shows up because after much digging, he's figured out who his creator was, and where he was turned. Now… if only it occurred to him that some at least would change their name to hide their identity. I found that bit amusing to be honest - it never occurred to him in all the past…100 years or so that the vampire who stopped him from killing someone might have been the one who created him. D'oh.


The h, being from a small town, has a very small selection of men to choose from and she keeps landing on the ones with issues. Hmmm… Oh, this one has a big issue - fangs and stuff. Worse, everyone assumes that they're engaged because she slept with him. He agrees to the deception since he's hanging around for the next week. Mmmm boy. Then his partner shows up (the one who turned him. D'oh) and well, he finally tells her what he is. Book ends with him facing the reality that he can't kill the one who turned him and, to his surprise, the h is willing to be turned.