Topaz Dreams - Marilyn Campbell

Well…it was better than the first one, rating more of a 3.5.


Ok, so we have this advanced race of humans who have microcomputers imbedded in rings. The H in the previous book "lost" his ring when he was kidnapped by some earthling entrepreneur with a poor concept of right and wrong. Now… said cretin has kidnapped a scientist to figure out the ring. Scientist's tinkerings have, among other things, closed the tunnel door as a transport was leaving, killing 1000 people.


Why… if these people are so blasted advanced, could they not neutralize the ring? Sheesh. Send it malware which trashed it. Something. Further, why would any of the rings be able to control the tunnel doors in the first place? That's stupid.


On to the earthling heroine… why is it that authors manage to make their PIs so blasted dumb? The chick drew so much attention to herself, it's a miracle she's survived as long as she has. And she's supposed to be a good one? Really? Frankly, I'm not convinced she could even work a cheating spouse case, let alone such an involved one as this.


The H…was in fact the best thing about the book. He's hot, part cat-person, and has apparently just reached maturity. Even he could have used a bit more…judgement about the case though.