MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #13) - Kresley Cole

First off, that cover. Um. No. Just… No. Actually, my daughter's reaction was something along the lines of "hello Knobby Knobs" (Terry Pratchett fans probably will snicker at that).


I found a less objectionable image, printed it out, and gave my copy a new cover.

I'm not…overly fond of Ms Cole's werewolves. I mean; I follow the IAD with intent but every time the H is a werewolf, I find myself reading it more for everyone else. I think in part, it's because her description of them makes no sense. But also, they seem dumber than a box of hammers. Uilleam is no exception. He's been wearing that hair shirt for nearly a millennia and it's never once occurred to him that the example he ran into initially might have been a deviant? He's never stopped to ask any of the next 26 - before he lopped their heads off. And then he discovers that his mate is a half blood.


Like I never saw that coming.


So he goes off the deep end - he can't exactly kill her because his inner beast won't let him - and nearly kills her attempting to marginalize her. D'oh. See what I mean? He's dumb.


What saves it? Well, she's no pushover, and calls him on it rather frequently. Still, it could have rated higher by virtue of his two brain cells not waiting 'til the last few chapters to fire - after being beaten by a clue-by-four known as "you idiot", manifesting itself in the forms of her aunt and cousin. Yeah. Just think I would have rather gotten Lanthe's story instead of this one, 'specially since I didn't know "Ullomome" from Adam (and kinda am not really impressed with the enlightenment)


Heh; Nix the great matchmaker. Wish she'd match up a centaur. Hahah.