Cold Days - Jim Butcher

Booklikes made me a bit nuts.  I was 2 books short on my TBR list.  I found one - this one.  Seems when I did my import, it didn't have the hardcover version linked so it just…left it out.  Yay.  Anyway...


When last we saw Harry, his spirit and his body had been reunited and were occupying the same space once again.


The book begins with Mab's idea of physical therapy - try to kill Harry once a day. After he's deemed fit, he's introduced and…given his first task - kill the Winter Queen. Then he's sent back to our world. Woohoo… He spends the next 24 or so hours trying to figure out what's going on, only to figure out that SOMEthing seems to be able to corrupt the Sidhe and make them do things really…stupid (like try to take out a guardian of a supernatural prison).


The usual battle to save the world happens near the end, Molly gets a new duty, Harry survives to fight another day, etc.