One more book to go...

Ghost Story - Jim Butcher
 and I will be completely caught up on this series.  Only took me…4 years I think.  could have finished it last night but, I need my beauty sleep. Oh well.

So Harry, apparently assassinated at the end of Changes, is running around Chicago trying to figure out who killed him - well, that's why he was sent back. Only, he's not exactly like other ghosts in that he's a soul as well. Interesting.

Of course, he gets to see the mess caused by his last stand, so to speak. The vacuum left by his wiping out the Red Court has many candidates attempting to fill it. His apprentice - who knows who killed him, and why - is dealing with the burden of that knowledge, along with the effects of being present at his last stand, while attempting to protect people. Murphy is having difficulties herself, Thomas blames himself because it was his boat, etc.

So… after much excitement - just because he's a ghost - sort of - does not mean people aren't out to get him - he finally gets into Molly's head, and finds out what happened.

Book ends with him discovering that while his spirit and soul were out having an adventure, Mab and Deathreach were patching his body up.

It was…a novel way of writing a book, let's just say that.