Dragons Wild - Robert Lynn Asprin

:sigh… author's note in beginning is expressing gratitude about being able to write something that deviates from his usual fare. IOW, he's abandoned the tried and true and is now exploring new horizons, using his readers as guinea pigs. In this case, the author is/was known for humor. I'm not laughing. Or even smiling. Mostly, it's dull. And… the trilogy (there are three books) ends on a cliff hanger. Not a huge deal in most cases BUT…the author died before any of them were published. Hmmm… In the third book, he shares authorship, so it's possible - not probable though since it's been 3 years since these were published - that the series will be completed or…SOMEthing.


Frankly though, I didn't find the half a book I read engaging enough to care.