The Real Werewives of Vampire County - Alexandra Ivy, Angie Fox, Tawny Taylor, Jess Haines, Tami Dane

I patiently waited on this one to appear somewhere cheap - the only story I was sort of interested in was the entry to the Guardians of Eternity which I unenthusiastically follow. Well…


Ok, the Guardians of Eternity short was…pretty much what I'd expect I guess.


The second story was kinda cute.


The third was… well, figuring out what was going on was like pulling teeth. I found myself wondering why the h was moving in with this "almost-fiance" when she appeared to know so little about him. Online dating apparently. In any case, the absence of any clue as to what was going on was frankly irritating.


The final story was just…dumb.


So… at least it's over.