Bittersweet - Noelle  Adams

First off, the heroine is dense.  She has lunch with this guy for a month or more and doesn't realize he likes her?  She marries his cousin and has no clue why he's now standoffish?  Idiot woman.


So the book officially starts I guess at the funeral - cousin has died.  Heroine is there with baby who is…7 months old - I think.  I'm not quite certain because a chapter or two later and the kid is still 7 months old - I think - and it's been two months.  Such is how the timeline is handled.


A year goes by and her friends are pressuring her to date.  Uh…  Right.  You know, everyone grieves differently, so back off.  In the meantime, she's getting all these *feelings* for the H (the poor schmuck who watched his cousin abscond with the girl he wanted).


And that's another thing…  he's been patient, but not really.  Wanting to be there for her without making her realize just how "there" he wanted to be.  And on and on and…  Yeah.