Shadowheart - Laura Kinsale

Blinks a bit dazedly…


You know…when I pick up a Laura Kinsale, I expect quirky pairings, odd settings, etc. Guess it shouldn't surprise me to find myself reading a bit of mild bdsm in a medieval featuring a princess and an assassin born on the wrong side of the blanket. And I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that the aggressor is the heroine.


If I had a complaint, it's that she imprisons the H and his nemesis and then the next chapter starts out a year later… I guess in a way, there had to be a long passage of time to believe the H and his nemesis would come to an accord. Still… Would have preferred things to move faster, mostly because I have a large TBR mountain and getting bogged down in a nearly 500 page book isn't exactly something to look forward to (it's why Outlander remains buried in said mountain)


I felt for the H. But then, I felt for him in the previous book. The poor kid. Now he's all grown up, a hot mess, and excommunicated as well, so he's really messed up. He needed a hug.


The h… was a bit of a ninny at times, though once she figured things out, she grew quite a backbone.