Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part

The Bridesmaid Chronicles: First Love - Julie Kenner

Hmm… So we finally get to meet the happy couple whose upcoming nuptials are behind the previous 3 books. Roman and Julia met, had a whirlwind courtship, and are attempting to put on a huge wedding about as quickly as they got engaged. Only, due to Kiki's constant distracting of the wedding planner, not much has been actually done. The wedding is in 5 days. It gets better. The dress shop the h is getting her dress from files for bankruptcy, forcing her to find another dress. And the H's winery is in a financial bind. The h's parents come and manage to stir up all sorts of issues, leaving her with no place to host the wedding either.


So the h is understandably frustrated. I might have run screaming into the night (or committed murder, not sure).


The H, for reasons of pride, is reluctant to tell her of his financial woes. Apparently it never occurred to him that by his withholding that bit of info, he might come across as marrying her for her money (well, actually her sister and friend DID wonder about that). And then, rather than accepting her help, he decides to go into a deal He also replaces the heirloom ring with fake stone with a huge real diamond he can't afford.


Much to his surprise, she postpones the wedding during the rehearsal dinner. Yeah; he groveled. And yes; the wedding did happen. Still…


I dunno… I think her worries about a perfect wedding, coupled with a huge lack of time (I got the feeling this series just took a few weeks) maybe were too ambitious, and maybe a bit of forethought going into this was needed. Granted, even with great planning, things slip up on you BUT… no way would I have left it to the last minute to PICK UP MY DRESS. As for other things… well, a lot of that was due to them rushing into it.