First Dance - Karen Kendall

Hmmm… I wonder if this is a common trope with this author - ball-buster heroine gets publicly humiliated by H right at the beginning, they spend the next 80% of the book getting closer, only for him to do/say something that reminds her why she's a ball-buster to begin with, followed by an apology.


Since the main reason I picked this series up is because Julie Kenner wrote the last book…


In any case, the trope is pretty much the plot. The H/h met 3 years previous when they represented opposing clients in a divorce trial. They made whoopee, she kicked him out, and he's still somewhat miffed about it. So…on that note, he publicly humiliates her after she gets choked, then they spend the next…week…somewhere between arguing and well, that, before she finally opens up, and inadvertently says something to tick him off, so he kicks her out.


I'm not sure…am I supposed to feel sorry for these heroines? Because you know, you're your own person and just because you had lousy parents is no reason to be an ice cube or asshole either for that matter. As for the public humiliation bit, not sure I could get past that.