Strange Brews - Stobie Piel

his book brought to mind an online conversation I read once regarding Fantasy pre-Tolkien and post-Tolkien. Someone essentially stated that after LOTR was released, it became very hard to find fantasy that didn't show Tolkien influence.


It was there. Subtle, but there (unlike a v. popular 5 book series about a flying cat/dragon shifter couple, whereupon the author pretty much lifted dialog between Galadrial and Frodo and plopped it on a page). Since it was subtle - things like a seaport named Amon-dhen (Amon-Hen was an abandoned outpost the 9 stopped at briefly) - I mostly ignored it.


So the H and the h were both orphan Mage children who received their training from the same old Mage. And, the H reacted to the h like a well, adolescent male who doesn't understand why he feels drawn to a female (being too young to know about hormones), so he acts out - as a pest. The h reacted as pretty much any strong-willed little girl would - by seeking revenge any way she could.


Now they're grown up, and both are attracted to the other but a lifetime of rivalry and schoolyard hijinx is a little hard to get past. So she attempts to make him forget - with a potion - and he switches goblets. Heh, doesn't take long for him to actually start fearing that she WILL regain her memory. At some point she does figure out their relationship and is majorly pissed. They go on a quest, he gets to know her a lot better (yes; that way too) and figures out just how much of a jackass he's been all these years. The quest is successful, they come back, she creates a potion to regain her memory, they get shanghaied into becoming the king and queen, the end.