Dreaming - Jill Barnett

Our h wasn't just inept; she was a walking disaster. Ahahahahahahah! The poor H was trying to avoid her every opportunity he could. Then they were both captured by smugglers.


There's tripping, then there's…tripping over the dog, kicking the gun you were supposed to pick up, causing it to discharge, inadvertently shooting the H in the arm *and* the oil lamp behind him, which ignited some powder kegs and blew a hole in the side of the ship. Ooops. It was the smuggler with his eyebrows burned off that did it. Well, that and him later getting tangled in lines and swinging upside down by his foot, etc.


After the H/h were "liberated" from the smugglers and dropped off on an island to wait ransom, the smugglers' ship crashed on the rocks, which led to them finding their former unwilling passengers. The smuggler with missing eyebrows took one look at the h and went screaming into the night.


And after the poor H has tried his darnedest to scare her off, they're "rescued" (see previous book - Bewitched) and his buddy comments that he's well and thoroughly compromised her even if they didn't do anything so why fight it.


Ok, quick things that do irritate me - the h had a governess and WASN'T taught anything like propriety? Eh? And it never occurred to her that she was essentially stalking him?