Bewitching - Jill Barnett

Just what the world needs - an inept witch with a Pollyanna complex. Coupled with a cold, unbending arse of a Hero, naturally. There must be some unwritten rule in Romancelandia that all pollyannas must be paired with an ice cube.


I could actually stand this pollyanna because she was pretty entertaining. The H however, was almost unredeemable. It may have been his yelling at her that his only mistake was marrying her. Ouch. Or it may have been his habit of becoming the cold, imperious arse every time something happened. I can handle uptight. Can't handle inconsiderate and unfeeling.


And… there was a bit I found puzzling. They left the family dwelling for London, a surprise snow storm strands them at some abandoned inn (though it wasn't abandoned when they arrived, thanks to her aunt, who isn't inept at all). The thing is, they were supposed to meet someone in a couple of days, but they were stranded for longer than that and no mention is ever made of this. Eh?