The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo - Kerrelyn Sparks

I'd like to call your attention to The Cover…


Ok, the first thing that strikes you is this guy is HOTTTTT… then you notice his expression and naturally you look to see WHAT his hands are doing (or if there's someone else there). Alas, the hands appear to be doing…nothing. Yeah. So why is he making THAT expression? I dunno but I feel left out. ;D


Then you start reading the book and come across a leedle detail that the cover artist seems to have missed. He has a prosthetic right hand. Ooops.


On to the book. Ok, as a general rule, I'm ambivalent about story arcs. Done well, they add to a series. However, I really don't like it when the author feels compelled to create story arcs to justify continuing a series. If the characters themselves can't carry a story without some marginalized conflict, you have a problem. The story arc du jour seems to be a combination of the demon Darafer and a master vampire named Han. At least the Malcontents finally scattered but sheesh.


Onward. Our H is just as hot in the book as he is on the cover. Hah!. Our h OTOH… I found her skittishness to be downright irritating after a point. And then there was her reaction to the thoughts of self-defense and… her way OTT reaction to what she did when under Darafer's control. And really, I couldn't quite understand why these vampires couldn't calm a person down; they just go and wipe troublesome memories from them.