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Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon

For the Kenyon trainwreck


This AM, I opened my email to discover a notification from St. Martin's press encouraging me to vote for this in some Goodreads poll on paranormal fantasy. I pulled up the link out of curiosity to discover the competition included such works as Cold Days. Uh… they really expected me to vote for Styxx when that was the competition?


Seriously? It took me forever to even add this one to my TBR list and then only because I stumbled across it at the library. The page count is daunting, and past experience with Ms Kenyon's efforts is that she's somewhat of a one-trick pony - phd the H, then pull a HEA out of nowhere, usually with a few "honestly he couldn't believe anyone would's" to make you (theoretically) feel even more for the poor thing.


She didn't disappoint… or rather she didn't change her formula, thus did disappoint. Frankly, it would have been a nice change for Styxx to have been the arrogant ass everyone assumed he was.


So after reading an almost journalistic God knows how many pages of every freaking single day of his ancient life (at least she left out the nappy changes), we finally get to the whole thing when he attempts to kill Ash in New Orleans. And then we hit a rather glaring continuity error - Nick is Talon's squire? Really? Kyrian would have been interested to know that. After that, I just shrugged and read as fast as I could just to get finished (as if I hadn't been before).


Ok, good news Apollo is now at Apollymi's mercy. Some ancient wrong has been righted, Archon won't ever be back, and apparently he wasn't Acheron's dad anyway. Hmmm… So is Acheron part Charonte in addition to Chthonian (what the heck? Spell check says that's actually a word?!)?


And more foreshadowing, etc.