Eet gets so reeediculoussssss

Primal Quest - Rebecca Airies

More of a 2.5. Lessee… what passes for a plot is a somewhat half-arsed re-imagining of stargate or whatever Dara Joy has in her Matrix of Destiny series. IOW, this takes place in some galaxy far far away, across multiple planets, and people all fight with sticks and stones. Errr…


Futuristic cave men shifters.


Heroine lives in a group of females whose tradition is to go forth and become fruitful from some random shifter male - only she runs across her mate.


Eh, if you really want to remain free, you make sure he's not around to follow you home. Also was v. bemused that this enclave that No Attacker Has Succeeded In Invading before was invaded and taken over while the women were asleep. Come again?

Lots of sex, chest beating, and heroine giving in without much of an argument later, I'm finally through with one of the few books I've read that could honestly been just as well off as a short story. At least there wouldn't have been pages of his seducing her into agreeing with whatever he wanted just to get laid. Pages of face palming. Pages of "where did you leave your spine, girl?" Etc.


Oh, and the CGI cover is awful.