The Wicked House of Rohan (The House of Rohan, #0.5) - Anne Stuart

I didn't realize I'd listed this ebook on my bookshelf in the first place so hadn't bothered to check it off when I read it (about 20 minutes before starting the first book of the series).  So I still had a book needlessly cluttering up my TBR mountain.  Especially needlessly since I don't as a rule list ebooks there in the first place.




So our h, destitute, stranded in Venise (I think that's where it was), seeks employment as a…nurse?  Duenna?  Whatever she thought the man wanted her for.  Only, he didn't; he wanted her to participate in a public deflowering.  Mmmm boy.  The problem was, she recognized one of the men as a friend of her late brother's (whom she had a childhood crush on, naturally)  She told them sure - as long as it wasn't him.


Perhaps she shouldn't have said anything…


He slipped into the room she was resting in preparation and ermmm… recognized her somewhere around the time tab A got inserted.  1 proposal and an escape out a window later…HEA.  Now…  I never exactly got the relationship between H and the rest of the Rohans.  And the author may have given a hint in the last book, but…:shrug:::  The only connection I could see was the last name and what I suspect is the author's version of the infamous Hellfire club.


Obviously the page count doesn't allow much for character or relationship development so the H/h having a prior connection is used.