Shameless - Anne Stuart

Hooo boy… So our H, having buried two wives who died in childbirth, has decided to try one last time for an heir. He considers, rather seriously, a woman he does not like simply because if she dies, it won't matter. Cold huh?


At the same time, he's decided to indulge in aahhh getting laid, only to discover the ladies he'd previously ah…used for such purpose, have now retired and are trying to become respectable. He discovers this to his dis ah…pleasure when the h stops one from attending to him. She's attempting to retrain them to do something less ah… disreputable.


Well, that and the whole thing with the Heavenly Host…again.


It's rather entertaining - she drives him nuts, gets under his skin, and eventually he realizes he can't live without her - after he's made an absolute ass of himself trying to convince her that he's not interested.


And this one had an epilogue - whereupon he finally becomes a dad (and remains happily married). Oh, and his sister is preggers with her *8th* kid with whatsisface.