Breathless - Anne Stuart

More of a 3.5 because..I had difficulty getting into this because well, revenge plots are not something I enjoy much. Ditto blackmail. A little over halfway through, it became more…interesting.


See, our "H" (and I use that term loosely), in his incessant need to avenge his deranged half sister, has blackmailed the h into going to his country estate and plans to hand her over to a group of society degenerates for a night of debauchery. Mmmmm boy. So he takes off to make arrangements and…leaves her alone. In his house. With the cheerful word that she can do anything she wishes to. She paints his rooms pink. The discovery of this leads to hot sex and, in his case, more tangled emotions.


OTOH, he nearly goes through with his intentions.


There was, unlike previous books, no epilogue. It essentially ended with the two sodden idiots making out on a settee. At least she got the bleeding stopped (she'd coshed him over the head with an oar earlier). Emmm… come again?  Book was shorter than previous installments too.