Reckless - Anne Stuart

This one didn't have quite the same charm the first one had. I think maybe there were several things that interfered with my enjoyment. There was a sense of sameness in that exceedingly hot bad boy H falls for plain spinster - didn't that happen with his parents? Oh, and the short story that introduced the series. Hmmm…. There was the initial disconcertion that this was the baby the h was carrying in the previous book - only to discover that no; that one was no longer around. Then the notion of Etienne being a bad guy seemed really to come out of left field. I got the feeling that he was unhappy with his lot in the first book, but not that he was violent.


Aside from those distractions, the H/h got along…like fire and gasoline. They were either verbally sparring, or well, boinking like bunnies, all the while with his de nile that it meant anything (even though he had the notion that cousin Etienne had the tendency to pursue anyone/thing he was interested in - and he didn't like the thought of his messing with the h)