Ruthless - Anne Stuart

Hmmm… there are parts of this story, that in the wrong hands, would have earned it a 1 star and a scathing review.


Lessee… there's the part where the H has a ahhh prostitute (or at least a woman of loose morals) in his bed and has an enthusiastic encounter. He thinks the woman has no cause for complaints if he just happened to have had the h in mind since apparently his performance was rather more invigorating than usual. He had the strange notion that he'd done something wrong but dismissed it.


Then there was the way he talked about the h to his friend the morning after.

He was, quite frankly, a jackass. It was amusing to watch him try with increasing desperation to ignore his growing feelings for her though.


The one thing I could have done without though was the plot device known as the illegitimate half brother. He seemed to have two purposes - to remove any obstacles allowing the h an impression of freedom, and to give the H a kick in the pants about his feelings for the h.