Finally escaped the idjits

Shadow Fires - Catherine Spangler

Doubtful look…


On the one hand, it sure was nice to have a heroine that didn't make me want to kneecap her and break all her fingers so she could never steal another ship (or at least move fast enough to exercise her right to bad judgement while endangering others). On the other hand…


Pacing was an issue. You get the whole "donate a female to be mate" thing in the first chapter or two - which she expected, being a seer and all. Then she's being put in stasis, waking up, getting married and… spending the next 2/3 of the book getting to know the H better before the alignment of the moon and stars and stuff makes optimal mating in the religious sense. This was several days. Yeah; days. During this time, every time she was confronted with his people's laws, her immediate response was "how barbaric". To the point that my immediate response was "what a judgmental beeeaaach" Then *bam* they get it on and the next several days pass in a paragraph (or was it weeks, I'm not entirely sure).


This all comes to a head when her brother (who disappeared 14 years prior - around the time their parents died) rears his head and assists a couple of traitors in allowing the settlement to be attacked, which leads to the Leors demanding retribution - her - and the H offering himself instead, only to be thwarted in his heroic self-sacrifice by some of the most melodramatic crap I've read - in the last chapter mind you.


This was the last book of the series - that was released. There was the sense that more was planned but you know, at this point, I don't give a shit. Too many heroines needing their arses kicked for my taste.