Shadow Crossing - Catherine Spangler

Beam me up Scotty, for I'm convinced there's no intelligent FEMALE life in this galaxy (and the males are all doormats).


Ok. So you're making a delivery of goods to an unknown planet. The contact and you come under fire. You're forced to take shelter in his ship and leave in a hurry. Upon escape, you discover that one of the two men is an android - and the other is a crown prince. Do you...

A) assist in making repairs and negotiate a return for your ship at the earliest convenience
B) assist in making repairs and begin nagging and demanding that you be taken back for your ship.


When info comes in, forcing the owner of said ship to return home due to illness of the king and, you find out the prince was not the one you thought it was, do you...

A) accept that your needs are not nearly as important and that you are an unknown quality, therefore until it was no longer possible to maintain the ruse, you were on a need to know basis
B) Get pissy about being lied to and punch the prince


When, once planet-side, politics interfere with said Prince's arrangements for your return do you...

A) wait until either someone from your colony can fetch you or the ships the crown prince is giving your people leave for your colony
B) steal one of the royal fleet


When vastly annoyed said prince catches up to you, do you...

A) grovel and pray you don't lose your head for being a thief
B) get defensive, saying they can afford to lose a ship


If you answered B more than once, then perhaps you fall into the TSTL category, since self-preservation and the ability to realize that the person whose good will you're continuously abusing has the power to crush you is clearly not a strong point with you.


Frankly, I'm amazed at the sheer idiocy of the heroine, and that she got away with it, repeatedly. She did get stunned by a guard after she punched him. He reprimanded the guard and *told her as much*.