Holy frozen disenchanted spit

Iced - Karen Marie Moning

I'm...torn. I want to like it but...


Dani - obnoxious attitude irritates me. Hey; I'm a mom, and she's at that age where even the best behaved kids make me want to strangle them. Also, how is it a street rat is so flippin' naive about human behavior? Seriously? Some strange creepy guy starts hassling you and you DON'T get dirty old man vibes? I got the feeling she dismissed Christian's behavior as being due to his increasingly Unseelie. =>face palm


Ryodan - didn't like him much in the Fever series. Now think of him as creepy sex predator. That he is waiting for her to grow up does not signify - just makes it creepier like having a foster father waiting for the kid to reach legal age.


Christian - ok, get over it dude; you're starting to remind me of Nick Gautier. I despise Nick Gautier. Don't make me despise you. I get that you're having difficulty with this Unseelie-ness but sheesh; it's not the end of the world.


Kat - hugs...


Dancer - ditto


Plot... Emmm... well... Why? No - really. I get the Crimson Hag - she was bottled up and then released by Dani. The Hoar Frost King... really? Where did he come from? Why hadn't he been around before? Naw... that one just didn't work for me.


Shifting first person present. Irritating. I didn't mind it too much in Fever since it was primarily Mac so there wasn't much shifting, but this was ridiculous.