Morgan - Lori Foster

This series seems to have a following...of hoarders.  They've been rereleased once individually and are on their second release in compilations.  Why...I dunno.  I think...  I outgrew heroes like Morgan.


I had a hard time not picturing him as a younger, fitter version of Roscoe P. Coltrain.  He likes to manage people.  Oh, it's to help them but still...  He's decided he wants to get married.  The h - Honey's sister - shows up, he's attracted but...  she ain't what he had in mind so...  he pretty much orders her to leave.  Nice.  Asshole.


Our h is homeless, jobless due to a douchebag employer who used her for a scapegoat, pregnant and single because the fiancé dumped her upon discovering an oat took root.  He finds all this out the next morning so then plots and schemes to keep her from leaving.  Oh, but he just wants a fling.  Right.  Brother confronts him about his intentions - after all, this is the wife's sister he's toying with.


It works out in the end but frankly, he'd be sleeping with one eye open for a long time.