Candy Store - Bella Andre

So nauseatingly sweet, I think I got a cavity.


So our h - a ludite -has a candy store in a popular area. Candy store has high rent and well, thanks to her being a technophobe, not nearly enough sales to really do well. Our H is, coincidentally enough, a candy consultant. No - I was not aware that there was actually a need for such a specialized field. He's listened for years to his brother denigrating his business and is giving in and going to work for brother dear. Ok, I'm a little hazy on how going from an apparently successful business to being an employee of one's brother is a step up, but whatever.


So the H/h meet at a wedding, sparks fly, they get it on in the walk-in refrigerator, go separate ways. Only, she's his next job. Thereafter, we're treated to hot sex, marketing ideas any idiot should know, more hot sex, a misunderstanding that was quite stupid, etc.


There was one point where she wore a pink business suit to work, thinking it was "serious looking". Aside from the fact that some levels of Mary Kay marketing have that as a uniform of sorts... Hahahah. Right. You want to look serious, you wear black, navy, or grey. NOT pink. And the silk camisole was her concession to sex appeal and never supposed to see the light of day, only she took the suit coat off 'cuz she was hot, and the H found her like that. I was mulling over this and wondering if she'd left the cami off, would she still have taken the coat off? The mind boggles. (she apparently wasn't wearing a bra under it but even if she was...)