Jordan - Susan Kearney

Ok, while certainly better than Rion, it still had issues.


So our H, destined to sacrifice himself to save the universe, falsified documents with the woman who'd financed Lucan's trip so he could build a space ship.  Then, he used his MSOP (mighty staff of power - no; not THAT staff) to power said space ship and, because the staff has a mind of its own (don't all staffs), he succumbs to the MWOP which is apparently triggered by MSOP.  Of course the h just happens to be on the ship confronting him about his documents and well, MSOP and MWOP think she's perfect.  Somehow...  I get the feeling their libidos aren't the only things overwhelmed by the MSOP's compulsion.


They then go off on a grand adventure to reclaim the keys to the MSOP, all the while being encouraged by said MSOP to go at it like bunnies.  Eventually, they get the grail, unite grail with MSOP (there's some sort of symbolism in that the staff is slammed into the grail.  Hahah), the universe is saved, and the H discovers that well, yes; he can live without his MSOP.


Oh, and Arthur is still alive.  Further, he and Lancelot decided to SHARE Guinevere (who apparently shares with others as well).


The issue...  a previous futuristic by said author had a similar theme in the last book - something forcing the characters to evolve.  The problem with this is, it kinda creates a Sue/Stu situation.  As in, oh.  Convenient.  They now don't need to breathe so they can fly into space (as dragons) and knock the missiles back into the attacking ships.  Huh.  Wow.  And now they can what - fly to another planet?  'Scuse me while I roll my eyes.