Rion - Susan Kearney

So how did we go from nearly a 5 star to a mere 3?  Up until 60%, I debated on whether the title should have been the douchebag and the doormat who loved him.


Ok, so we're told Marisa went through a nasty divorce and has trust issues. Our "H" (and I use that term loosely) seduces her, convinces her to go on a date with him *at Stonehenge* (which is an intergalactic portal), and kidnaps her. She's offended, gets away, nearly gets killed, they go into hiding and... she lets him in her pants again. No - actually she pretty much invited him in. Shortly afterward, she finds out he's royalty. She's ticked. Then he informs her he will not take an offworlder as a bride. She's upset... They crash on his planet, she suffers a grievous head wound, and gets turned on by his carrying her (WTH?!?!) Hours later, you guessed it - she's invited him into her pants again.


Now...where was all that difficulty trusting people again? Because I never saw it.

At around 60%, more or less, they start formulating plans and getting busy with the rebellion, which makes for a much better third of a book. Unfortunately, you gotta read the first 2/3 to get there.


Eventually, it's revealed that his cousin (that his parents swapped him for his own protection) is behind the invasion. D'oh. A purist. Who thought he'd inherit the throne. And found out his cousin was the heir. Yeah - how dumb can you be? Of *course* he's going to be envious and want the throne he thought was his until told otherwise.


You know...perhaps the highlight of the whole book was Merlin's reveal (in more ways than one. Hah!)