Holy Spit!!

Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning

1) I don't like urban fantasy.
2) I never read a book straight through (well, unless it's an ebook and I have no choice). I flip to the end and read it. I skip to somewhere in the middle and read several chapters. I put the book down and ponder a bit (sometimes I fall asleep pondering a bit).

I picked up Iced recently at the library and, because the Fever series comes first and a quick look revealed that you *needed* to read it first, I pulled it from my TBR mountain. My daughter noted the author title and started to run off with Iced before I told her the Fever series came first. So she grabbed *this* book. I had to wait. She's normally a fast reader but she's in school now and other than two nights a week where she has lots of time to kill between a couple of classes... She finally got done with it this morning. I was in the middle of another book.


So I, who doesn't like UF, grabbed it at around 8 or so. And... I, who never reads a book straight through, kept right on reading until done because even though I *needed* to turn lights off at 10, there was a third of the book to go and it was too darned *interesting* to stop now. I finished at 11:40 or so.


All of which is why it earns a 5. Ok, Mac gets a bad rap for being annoying but you know, she's not much different from that one heroine Linda Howard created - the high maintenance ex-cheerleader. I was somewhat bemused at the whole Mac/V'Lane bit - why was it that she was unaware that she'd just tossed clothing in the floor? Was bemused at the introduction of a vampire - eh? KMM's world has vampires too? (or is he a vampire). And... and...


Daughter pointed out a Sue moment near the end. I wondered if it wasn't the spearhead. Hmmm... Now if she'll just hurry up with Bloodfever. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to raid my stash for something to read.