Eating Crow:

That state where one, having went off on a tangent while not in possession of all knowledge necessary, is forced, upon further investigation, to suck it up and admit one screwed up.


So I watched my mail person leave my driveway without waiting for me to claim my package from her (I assume it's a her), and without leaving a claim ticket in my mailbox.  I vented my spleen amongst fellow readers (it contained a couple of preorders, including my already delayed Argeneau fix.  I admit it; I'm an Argeneau junkie.  No; I have no plans for treatment for that).  Fortunately, I didn't call the local post office or complain online because...


I took an empty betta container out to dump the decorative gravel in my driveway and, as I came up the driveway, still stewing, I glanced in the wheel barrow just in case the person did something dumb like hide it there.  She didn't but...  she left it on the trunk of my car.  Right where I expect packages to be left - out of view of the front door but in plain sight of every house in the neighborhood. =>face palm 


So I have my Argeneau fix now.  And I'm happy gosh darn it!!