Her Cyborg Awakes - Melisse Aires Needs an editor. There were a few...issues...relating to spacing, words similar in spelling substituted (autocorrect victim?) etc.

Beyond that, a nice space tale. The h is a minor wife in a harem, the H her personal "maid", though likely to be moved off soon. She's supposedly relegated to ho status for a party, only the husband is an idiot apparently and there's a coup. The H has been converted to a cyborg and, as she discovers, his lack of a personality is only maintained through drugs. Thus, he "awakens".

Like the only other cyborg tale I've read where the H was tinkered with non consensually, the various implants were bound and determined to keep him from going anywhere. The obvious ones were removed, but the brain implant was left, and caused problems. At least though, this one was able to be removed at some point. Some things I did raise an eyebrow at, the h, for someone who'd been cloistered way much of her life, seemed to survive pretty well in a decidedly lawless environment (the hub). And of course, the H's brothers were dingbats. It never occurred to them to ask her anything; they just locked her away and, at their earliest convenience, dumped her. She escaped, much to their chagrin (that whole "where does this knowledge of self sufficiency come from" raises its ugly head again)

As an aside, the cover model is pretty slender, NOT plump as the h is described.