The Jaguar Prince - Karen Kelley So ok, our h is half alien shifter, has grown up in an orphanage, and ignored her spirit guide to the point that said guide went into hiding. Oh, and she has no idea of her origins.

So naturally our half alien is going to land a prince. The prince - our H - is variously either dense or obtuse and just expects the h to drop everything to go home - where she has never been, so it's his home, not her home.

Ok, so various moments of hilar-uh-amusement later, the bad guy is caught, the jaguar she's been obsessing about at the zoo has shifted to reveal that she ain't what she thought she was, and our h finally decides to go home. woohoo. Yeah I think the author tried too hard to make the h impoverished (since she was actually renting a whole house instead of a tiny apartment or trailer). And there were other things too - the whole bluebloods thing for instance. Eh, entertaining while it lasted.