Alien Abduction Bundle (3-in-1) - Eve Langlais I found this very...entertaining. The first book - Accidental Abduction - featured a h whose erstwhile boyfriend tried to "remove the evidence" - namely her - after gaining access to her accounts. She was...mouthy. The H was grumpy and constantly confounded by her. After much intergalactic romping, he gave in, claimed her as his mate, and... settled down.

Intentional Abduction was ah...different. The h - a human abducted as a child - is a trained warrior raised on a world where the female is the dominant sex. She was sent on a mating quest - find a suitable male, do the deed, get knocked up, and go home. The H resented this, and rightly so. Eventually, they came to an understanding - after he turned the tables on her and captured her.

Dual Abduction...where to start. The h - a teacher specializing in working with delinquents, and riding herd on a group of teenage girls - is abducted, along with her charges. The two Hs inadvertently find them while being essentially forced to do a job. They're...dumb. Actually, they act like a couple of giant purple frat boys. I wanted to smack them upside the head. The h did just that. So did the h from the first book, maybe the h from the second book... They make such tempting targets. At least they're consistent. The h is torn between them, refuses to choose one, thus refusing both. They come to an agreement to share - without consulting her. She figures it out after one jumps her in her sleep and she discovers it's not the one she was with before. She's v. upset with them - and with herself because she's entertaining thoughts of going with the flow. They ganged up on her and, afterwards, are found by, among others, one of them's mother. The teenagers, incidentally, are taken in by the race who raised the h from book 2.

Some thoughts - I'm not fond of menage so possibly the only reason I liked the third book was because of the personalities involved. The H having a reputation or enemies or whatever who take the opportunity to steal the h near the end was used twice. Possibly the only reason it wasn't in book 2 was due to her upbringing making it highly unlikely she'd ever be a victim. Will I continue the series? Heavens yes. Too entertaining by far to drop. Now to dig through my TBR mountain and hope I can find something that, if not as good, at least doesn't make me want to throw it against the wall.