Masks - Evangeline Anderson Meh, more of a 2.5. I skimmed a lot, mostly because the whole premise made my skin crawl.

So ok, the best way to describe the premise is, you have a good twin/bad twin set-up. The bad twin keeps conning the good twin into switching places. You know... I'd move. To another city, maybe even another state. I dislike manipulative people and sister dear was v. manipulative.

She's also a dominatrix. Gets paid well to whip guys into shape. Conns sister into switching places (something that never works out well for sister, btw, so I guess she's also TSTL). Sister - an elementary school teacher - reluctantly goes along with it. It's a set-up. A blind date. With whips and chains. o_O. Fortunately for suck-er-sibling, H is not actually into that sort of thing, so other than scaring her good, and giving her a really good time, she gets off relatively unscathed - until H says her real name and the game is over. She bolts, won't speak to twin for two weeks (two weeks? I'd have changed my phone number and MOVED. Sorry sis, there are limits to sisterly love). Eventually, H approaches her at work(!), and they work out a few things. Oh, and she decides after this debacle she needs to keep up with sis more. HELL NO! She might decide to swap places *again*!!