Midnight Crystal - Jayne Castle I put off reading this due to the author having decided to connect her three pseudonyms with this entry. I dislike being manipulated like that. With that said, it's not really necessary to read the other two parts of the trilogy to understand what is going on.

What is more of an issue is how this fits into the Harmony series. Let's just say that it's not the most...harmonious...fit. Yeah; there's the requisite dust bunny, the amber, the alien architecture, etc., but neither of our characters seems to have a bit of "talent" as per the series. Instead, their talent seems to be inherent abilities from earth. Or is it. The author managed to confuse that issue completely (and contradict herself a bit). Whatever, the author has pretty much written herself into a corner with this series anyway with the whole "H is local guild boss and manipulates some weird ghost light nobody has ever heard of" theme - only so many ways you can do that before someone notices. Which brings up another thought; how is it that in previous entries to the series, manipulators of weird talents tried to hide them, yet apparently there's a whole society where people with weird talents can and do register themselves.