Must Love Lycans - Michele Bardsley Hmmm... At some point, one must accept that a series has run its course. The author has managed to hold that off for maybe another book or two but really - using new prophesies to change Patsy's role (and thus add another book or two) isn't really fooling anyone.

So Damien gets his book, and we find out exactly what constitutes a "royal". We also get introduced to a changeling, and a demigod who is able to shift into various other things. To be honest though, I didn't care. Our H/h spent a good portion of the book in "quarantine" which simply means she was unable to interact with the rest of Broken Heart. So the book has a lot of sex, a lot of her angsting about her mom (who wasn't), and well, not much else - other than being informed that Patsy isn't going to be the leader of the werewolves anymore because the royal has gotten a mate, which forced him to get over himself (he's kinda like a canine Aragorn in that respect - the movie version, not the Tolkien version). Actually, I found myself disliking the H a bit because of that - 60+ years is an awful long time to hold a grudge against your parents for disappearing.