In the Company of Vampires - Katie MacAlister Not bad, if you discount the squick factor of reading of the adult Fran and her sex life after having read of her as an angsty teenager. Ms MacAlister's Dark Ones series has never been a huge favorite of mine (I prefer the dragons), and sometimes the comedy comes across as stupid (think Scary Movie). Bonus - with the success of her Aisling Grey series, she's decided that if one book is good, spreading the romance across several is better. Consequently, while our H/h are definitely together in this one (as opposed to the last Dark One couple where we got treated to *2* featuring a mostly unlikeable heroine figuring out exactly which Dark One she was stuck with), one is left with a huge ol' loose end - the bad guys got away and the h's mom is lost in her own museum so to speak. Will it get resolved with an all new H/h (oh please God!), or will we get "treated" to another 300+ pages of Fran attempting to retain independence with an overbearing para H (sound familiar? Like oh, Drake?)

We shall see.