The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons - Katie MacAlister Ms MacAlister has a recurring personality in this series. In the first part - the Aisling Grey series - it was a ghost. In the second part - the silver dragons - it was a demon lord. In this one, it's both our H, and, near the end, a ghost of a former suitor. Essentially, the character is this over the top, drama queen (or is that king) personality who is obsessed with the heroine, and who speaks with butchered english. It was funny in its first incarnation, but it's getting old. Add to that, there's an overall arc that's going on its 9th book (and well, I no longer really care). It's hard to work up enthusiasm into reading on.

Moving along. Baltic, the over-the-top, broken-english speaking dragon, and his mate - Ysolde/Tully - find themselves at war of sorts with the rest of the weir...sortof...because the wyverns aren't actually hunting; they just don't particularly want to be around them. Then again, they don't seem to want to be around each other so I'm not sure what the big deal is. Ysolde is trying to figure out how to get them back into the weir, Baltic doesn't seem to care. And somebody is still causing trouble within the weir and using him as a scape goat. Are we surprised to find it's a former girlfriend/half-dragon/his lieutenant he's so anxious to free from imprisonment? Not really. So what was the point of this exercise? More hijinx and silliness. Most entertaining part - Jim got forced into human form by a botched spell.