Heart Choice - Robin D. Owens Poor Straif; his entire family was wiped out by a plot hole. Just went downhill from there. Must find cure for plot hole, must pass on his genes, must restore Residence to a semblance of livability, must find heart mate. Oh wait; heart mate is right under his nose and she's STERILE. Aaannnd we have another plot hole - a ship with mostly forgotten technology apparently has forgotten 20th century cloning, gene splicing, etc. Riiiight.

We've cloned sheep, several horses, we've spliced glowing something or other from unrelated species into an albino zebra danio (fish) to create the somewhat infamous glow-fish. But we can't possibly use our heroine's DNA to create a baby. Wow.

And what's with all these heroes with anger management issues? Red haze of anger?! What are they - vampires?