Immortal Sea - Virginia Kantra Dumb human YA female + finfolk male = hell of a secret baby plot. Finfok male finds out about baby when baby is v. awkward teenager. Male actually remembers mom, which causes him much angst (since he's not a fan of humans and not supposed to have feelings except that he does; he just doesn't understand what they are). Female a) still smarts from being dumb enough to boink a stranger as a YA, b) doesn't trust him, and c) has no clue that he ain't human. Lots of distracting external conflict to well, distract from conflict of becoming involved for real with a one night stand a zillion years ago (that resulted in a kid w/issues).

I've been analyzing myself a bit as to why I follow this series. Maybe because it's different? Dunno. All I know for sure is I keep buying them new yet none have grabbed me enough to be a fanatic. Why do I find them so adequate? I know; the sea folk seem to be borderline sociopaths. They seem to have no empathy, no emotions (beyond irritation) - at least until they realize they're becoming attached to the person they attach themselves to. All the emotions seem to be one-sided up until maybe the last few chapters.