His Wicked Sins (Dark Gothic #4) - Eve Silver First off, let me say my rating has more to do with not being a huge fan of historicals. That being said, this was v. good. Too bad there wasn't a half star available.

So ok, there are no titles. The h has gone to work at a school to earn money to support her parents. The H owns an estate that is inherited but not entailed. I'm guessing some ancestor won it in a card game. Who knows. He has no title.

Many moons ago, when he was a young wastrel who was cut off from his family, he briefly stayed at an inn in London. The innkeeper, his wife, and an employee were murdered. The innkeeper's granddaughter survived. Killer was never found. H was questioned. Now, 3 women have been found dead under mysterious circumstances in his neighborhood. All have blond hair. So does the h.

Well, I won't give anything else away (in all honesty, much of that was deducted either in the beginning of the book or the synopsis on the back), except to say there are a lot of flashbacks (or a story within a story if you will), a heck of a red herring. and if you don't read the back chapter (something I always do because I no longer trust authors not to wreck my day by alluding to a not-so HEA), you'll be biting your nails practically 'til the end when all becomes magically clear.