Heart Journey - Robin D. Owens I spent the entirety of this book visualizing Topper Harley sitting in front of a dressing table, wearing a transparent, frilly white robe, and flipping his goldilocks (or is that Shirley Temple) curls with a silver backed hair brush. Now, the H didn't actually DO that but sheesh. My daughter, when I told her the H's name, started doing the :cough:care bears:cough: every time she saw me reading it. It makes it HARD to look past the silliness to the actual book when the author does things like this (his name is Raz Cherry, if you wondered).

So we have an older woman who knows she has a heart mate and goes out to find him. Since she's a cartographer who roams the planet, this means hunting him down and bagging him. Of course, she does recognize that he isn't a varmint so must be wooed. He of course, is an actor (with that name? Of course. On earth, we'd expect him to be a female stripper), and has no intention of leaving the city or acknowledging his heart mate. The inevitable confrontation 3 chapters from the end where they go their separate ways, then the idiot who initiated the separation realizes that while you can split from a casual relationship with no side effects, a mate is a lot different and being without the person for v. long upsets your zen. Yawn. And of course, the reunion almost always involves some third party who is after one of them for their skills/inheritance/grillz (ok, I'm being silly), causing a big showdown where the person charges in to save the day.