Heart Search - Robin D. Owens Hoo boy... my favorite trope (said with much sarcasm). "Some member of the opposite sex messed w/ my mind so now I have issues with all members of the opposite sex". Doubled. Plus annoying spoiled brat talking cats. Yeesh. Oh, and characters who we were introduced to while they were barely out of diapers (that always gives me an icky feeling, rather like finding out the sex life of one's own offspring. I just doan wanna know...)

So dumb lets dumber know when dumber starts attempting to get closer to dumb that dumb is sharing those dreams dumber has been having. Dumber of course panics and backs off. A week or two later, dumber rethinks this idea. Thus, an affair is initiated (query - can you really have an affair with your mate if both parties are single?). Dumber has lost his heart gift (that mistake with a member of the opposite sex alluded to) so makes something and goes to give it to her. In a moment of sheer brilliance, he puts it on a table and initiates a conversation regarding his heart gift. Dumb of course panics at the word "heart gift" and doesn't exactly let him finish his sentence. Thus, the inevitable breakup 50 pages from the end.

Dear author, could you please drop this formula? Seriously? I've read this entire series straight through and the pattern of breakup 50 pages from the end is irritating beyond belief.